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Royal Albert Hall Groups & Travel Trade Showcase

Thirty Plus Ten members were treated to an afternoon at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday, an introduction to all that's on offer for groups - from shows and tours, to afternoon tea.

Opened in 1871 by Queen Victoria, the Grade 1 listed Royal Albert Hall is a true London landmark. With a fascinating past of royal romance, world-famous performers and era-defining thinkers, it’s a unique tour-stop that’s as eccentric as it is inspiring.

We experienced the magic of the venue first-hand, as we explored the building on a Royal Albert Hall Tour, including the Queen’s private box, staircase and Retiring Room.

As our hourlong tour ended, we were led to the Prince of Wales Suite, where we were treated to fabulous hospitality from onsite caterers Rhubarb.

Guests met with the Royal Albert Hall Marketing and Tours teams, whilst many glasses of wine and canapes were consumed…

At 7.30pm, guests were directed to two private boxes which we had exclusive use for the evening, whilst Il Divo performed in the main arena.

Once again, hospitality was provided….and many more glasses of wine were consumed!

Special thanks to Katie and Bridget at the Royal Albert Hall for organising such an interesting and fun experience!

More information on Royal Albert Hall Tours can be found here:

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