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PEAKY BLINDERS: THE RISE at the Camden Garrison


ABOUT: Taking place at The Camden Garrison in London’s Camden Market, just moments away from the setting for Solomons’ Yard from the popular TV series, PEAKY BLINDERS: THE RISE follows the rise in the fortunes of the Shelby family with unfolding storylines, secrets and subplots that give players the opportunity to use their guile, craftiness and cunning to determine the success of the Peaky Blinders.

THE PLOT: Peaky Blinders: The Rise finds Tommy Shelby has taken the northern racecourses, eliminated his opponent, Billy Kimber, and now has his sights set on a London expansion. With the approval of north London kingpin, Alfie Solomons, guests are personally invited to a family meeting at the Shelbys’ Camden warehouse to hear Tommy’s plan, that could prove lucrative for everyone and promises to be a night of celebration.

GET INVOLVED: Set in beautifully realised 1920s London scenes, guests can arrive dressed up in their finest Peaky attire – or wear what they like – ready to fully immerse themselves in the impressive sets, unmissable character interactions and competitive game play as they help steer the Shelby family to victory and realise their ambition to take London…or not. With a plethora of exciting subplots and storylines, visitors must choose their gang wisely – will they take a liking to Alfie Solomons and his Jewish gang, be drawn in by the Italians or stay loyal to Tommy Shelby and become an associate of the Peaky Blinders? Whether kicking back in the Camden Garrison Pub – which features the actual bar from the TV show – with Arthur, advising Tommy on his business affairs in his office, conspiring with the Italians in the Eden Club or listening in on secret meetings in dark corners, how the evening goes is down to the movements and decisions of those attending. Their eyes must be kept open and ears to the ground, enemies are all around and ready to make offers that may prove hard to refuse – communists, Italians and gangsters are all threats, and, with three possible narrative outcomes, all decisions have consequences.

MAKE A NIGHT OF IT: Not only able to experience the completely unmissable PEAKY BLINDERS: THE RISE, guests can make a night of it and enjoy modern, rustic dishes and hearty classics at The Farrier located beneath The Camden Garrison; or head upstairs to The Lucky Club for contemporary tacos and mezcal margaritas. Event space, “The Camden Garrison”, is also available for dry hire and Christmas parties.

TICKET INFORMATION: Tickets are available across three tiers: VIP, Premium and General Admission, starting from £49.50 per person. Each tier offers a different experience and starting point on the night as well as exclusive pre-show content, character interactions and even the opportunity to be a part of Tommy Shelby’s Inner Circle for those with a VIP ticket. Tickets are available to purchase from

Now on sale until 29h July 2023 for groups (10+).

GROUP ACCELERATOR RATE: Until 21st December 2022 groups 10+ at £32.50 pp.

0203 053 1500


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